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What Goes Up…Must Come Down

What Goes Up…Must Come Down

Yay! We survived our first RVing adventure at Ledges State Park in Madrid, Iowa. I will admit at about 3:00 on Friday afternoon we were about ready to head home and call it quits on this whole RVing idea. Check out the overview of our camping trip below, there were certainly ups and downs, but that is life.

Quick photo op before taking off. The puppies had no interest in taking part.

Thursday (4/20) – after spending the majority of the morning getting the camper and truck ready to go, and running a few errands we were off. Ledges was only about an hour drive for us, so it was perfect for our first outing. Derek, the puppies, and I arrived at the park around 3:00 PM and we had absolutely NO idea what to do. We had an idea of the spot we wanted so we started by driving around the park. After deciding on site #10 it took us a few more trips around the park to actually get the RV parked – luckily I wasn’t driving or we would still be trying to park,

Our camp site

Friday (4/21) – the first night sleeping in the camper was a little tougher than we were expecting, I think we were all happy we made room for our super comfy king size bed. So many people have suggested hiking at Ledges so we thought we would give it a shot. Since Buster tore his CCL (similar to our ACL) last September, he isn’t able to go near as far as we used to, we decided we would take a pretty short trail and just enjoy being outside in nature. When we returned to our site we were sitting outside just relaxing. I looked down and saw a bug on my leg, but it wouldn’t move when I tried to fling it off – instantly I knew it was a tick. We found a total of 8 ticks on the four of us 😐 After we had gotten the ticks taken care of, Buster decided to get poop all over our futon and pillows. This was the point we were ready to call it quits, this wasn’t what we had in mind!

Saturday (4/22) – absolutely the perfect day for camping! The weather was amazing, sunny and high 60’s. We spent most of the day hanging around the campfire, relaxing in the RV, and taking small walks. Needless to say, after Friday’s hiking “adventure”, we decided it would be best to just hang around the campgrounds.

Sunday (4/23) – packing up and getting everything put away went a lot smoother than we were expecting. There are a lot of steps involved so we need to make a check list at some point, so we don’t forget anything.

Lessons Learned –

  • Fill up fresh water tank before unhooking the camper
    • Luckily, Derek’s parents showed up shortly after us. We were totally those people hooking together hoses to get the water to our RV.
  • Bring cash or checks
    • This was just us being dumb. We remembered to bring cash to pay for the site, however, we didn’t bring a good enough variety of cash with us to pay the exact amount and there is nobody to give you change.
  • Flea and tick meds
    • We are horrible when it comes to remembering to put flea and tick medication on the dogs each month. Lesson leaned after removing and trying to kill almost 10 ticks after our “hiking” adventure.

We will be living out of the camper until we take off (so about the next week or week and a half) – so if you drive by be sure to wave 🙂

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Good on you! As far as fleas and ticks …. We finally switched to Nexguard monthly. A bit more pricey but takes the guess work out; no application. They eat it.


We might have to look into that when we get home. They have their meds on now, and luckily we have left the midwest – and out west is least known for ticks!


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