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Let’s Get This Adventure Started!

Let’s Get This Adventure Started!

We spent a whole week “living” in our driveway. The weather was less than ideal and it was FREEZING! On a plus note, we learned that it will take about 30 lb. of propane to heat a camper 24/7 for about a week. This lead us to purchasing a small electric heater (best $7 we have spent) and have been using that to heat the camper instead.

Originally, we planned on leaving Des Moines on Sunday. Our thought was to make it to Omaha and spend a little time with family before heading further west. The weather had different plans however, and the crazy winds and winter storm in most of Colorado/Nebraska delayed our plans. We instead took off Monday morning around 9:00 and were hoping to make it to Fort Collins, CO around 9:00. Since we are only able to drive the RV 55-60 MPH we knew it would take a little longer than normal. Like us, we didn’t have any plans when we arrived in Fort Collins, and just figured we would spend the night at a rest stop. We were getting close to Sidney, NE around 7:30 and decided to call it a night a little earlier than expected. I really didn’t want to freeze sleeping, since we wouldn’t be able to plugin at the rest stop.

Cabela’s RV Park & Campground: ($35/night): I made the mistake of paying for a full hook-up site, which was a little more expensive than just a normal electric site. The full hook-up site includes, water, electricity, and personal dumping station. Since we had already parked, we thought we would take advantage of the full hook-ups and have nice warm showers. Overall the campground was really nice. We thought it was pretty busy for a Monday night, but was still really quite.

This morning we had everything packed and left Sidney around 10:00. The drive this morning was much easier, as the distance was shorter and it wasn’t near as windy. We got to Fort Collins around 1:00 and the traffic was horrible – I forgot how much the town has grown in the few years since we have lived here. It took awhile to figure out how and where to camp, but we finally got it all figured out around 3:00. Luckily we had plenty of sites to pick from, we are seriously the only ones camping in our section.

Horsetooth Reservoir (Inlet Bay) Campground: ($33.25/night): This campground was a little more of a headache to figure out. There wasn’t a “self-service” area to pay for the sites and we weren’t 100% sure where we wanted to stay. There also seem to be a lot of extra fees involved with camping here. An electric site here is $25/night, which isn’t too bad. However, we had to pay an additional $7/night for our vehicle and an extra $2.25/night for being a walk-in. 

The dogs have so much energy after being stuck in the car so long, so we took them for a short walk after getting all settled in. We are hoping to see a few friends and get a hike or two in while we are here.




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