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Welcome to RVing Like a Boss!

Hello everyone!  Follow our journey, as we take on this new adventure of living as a family of four full-time in an RV.

This is the adventure of a husband, wife, and two dogs who escape the typical American Dream to live the THEIR Dream.  We have decided to leave our traditional lives behind and purchase a truck and RV to explore the United States.  With this blog, we will share our experiences and tips, in hopes that we can educate and help ease the stress of other with this same dream.  Follow along as we travel – we are sure there will be a few laughs 🙂 and tears 🙁 along the way!        

Who’s along for the ride?


Derek (31 years old) was born and raised in Hampton, IA.  After graduating with from the University of Norther Iowa (UNI), he moved to Hopkins, MN and started his first job.  He lived in Minnesota for awhile before making his way back to Iowa, after landing a job in Des Moines.  Derek is the spontaneous one in the family and always up for an adventure.  A software engineer by trade with a true passion for learning new technologies.

Amy (27 years old) spent the first 18 years of her life living on a farm in Granville, IA.  After graduating high school she started college at UNI.  With a business management degree, Amy has been working in the marketing field for the past couple of years.  Amy is much more reserved and it takes her awhile to come around to Derek’s crazy (just ask him – some have been pretty crazy) ideas.  She spends a lot of her free time making crafts and cruising social media.

Derek and Amy met in 2008 on “the Hill” in Cedar Falls, while Amy was attending college at the UNI.  After almost a year of dating, we took on the adventure of moving in together.  As if moving in together wasn’t enough of an adventure – we decided to adopt two very active dogs.  During our first few years of living together, we moved A LOT (13 different addresses in 6 years).  Life was an adventure and we spent time living in several different states (Aurora, CO – Plymouth, MN – Northglenn, CO – Fort Collins, CO).  Derek had a health issue in 2012, and we decided living closer to family was the best option for us.  We moved back to Des Moines, IA, bought a house, started new jobs, and bought a rental property.

The health scare opened our eyes and we started to live by the quote “live each day as though it were your last…because one day you’ll be right”.  We both realized that we aren’t guaranteed to wake up tomorrow so we need to start living a life we enjoy.  We had gotten to that point, where we were both wishing our lives away.  It was the same thing everyday, waking up and wishing it was Friday.

In July of 2016, we took a trip to a remote cabin (if you are into that sort of thing – check out Mountain Meadow Cabins AMAZING!!) in Centennial, WY.  We feel in love with the West all over again – hiking, mountain biking, and nature – sign us up!  It was after this time that we decided we really needed a lifestyle change – and our RVing lifestyle was born.

Furry Friends (Buster-10 & Sadie-8) are our two crazy Australian Cattle dogs.  Shortly after moving to Colorado, we decided to add to our family.  We adopted Buster from an animal shelter in Aurora, CO when he was three years old.  After a few months, we felt that Buster would like a playmate so we started looking for another puppy.  We visited another animal shelter in Denver, CO and Sadie joined our family shortly after.  Life has never been the same, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.


2005 Outback 29FHBS

2005 Outback 29FHBS

Where are we today?

Granville, IA

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